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Pizza 32955 | The Best in Rockledge

Pizza 32955

There are so many options when you search for “pizza 32955”, how do you choose?  Pizzerias in Rockledge Fl offer different levels of food and service.  There is a big difference when it comes to their menu, customer service and delivery.  Kelsey’s is the most experience, reliable, and delicious pizzeria on the Space Coast

We’re Close By

We have two locations on the Space Coast.  The first is in Rockledge and the second in Merritt Island.  This means we are close by no matter where you are.  What does this mean?  You get your delicious, freshly made pizza fast while it’s still hot.  Our staff does our best to make sure you get your order as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.

Pizza 32955

Our Pizza is Amazing

We don’t like to brag, but our pizza really is the best.  Why? We use our decades old secret family recipe.  Partner that with hand picking the freshest ingredients we find to make sure everything we create in our kitchen is delicious and you have a winning combination.  We are very proud of our heritage and want to make our family proud!  You can taste the difference in every single bite.

More than just Pizza

Kelsey’s is known for amazing pizza, but did you know we serve many Italian favorites?  Our family has been creating and serving the favorites for years because it’s what we do! Our family style Italian food is sure to please any craving you have.  The portions will leave you feeling satisfied and looking forward to the next meal.

Eat the Best because you Deserve the Best

There is no sense in not enjoying your pizza or italian meals.  Our food is delicious, our pizza delivery is fast, and our pricing is more than fair.  Next time you start calling one of the chain pizza places think about Kelsey’s and how we can make your meal a much better experience!

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Pizza Delivery Near Me

Dinner Made Fresh

Everyone works hard on the Space Coast.  After a long day’s work the last thing many people feel like doing is cooking dinner.  That’s where Kelsey’s comes in.  A freshly cooked Italian dinner or delicious pizza is as simple as searching for “pizza delivery near me”.

Pizza Delivery Near me

Pizza Delivery

Satisfaction with your delivery order is the top priority for us.  We make each order as it comes in with fresh ingredients which gives you the best tasting Italian food and Pizza possible.  Our goal is to get your food to you fresh and warm so you can relax and enjoy.

When to Call

Because we cook everything fresh, orders generally take 15-25 minutes to complete depending on what is ordered.  before you leave work for the day give us a call a half hour early to make sure you food is hot and ready for when you walk in the door.


Pizza Rockledge: The Ultimate Search

“Pizza Rockledge”. What do you think when you type these words into your smart phone? There are literally hundreds of options for pizza on the Space Coast and dozens in Rockledge. Kelsey’s pizza is the best pizza in Rockledge. Let us explain why!


Kelsey’s pizza isn’t quite as old as the Space Coast itself, but some would say it is. When people think of these two words together: pizza Rockledge, it is synonymous with Kelsey’s. We have been an institution in Rockledge and the Space Coast for decades. We take our years of experience and family recipes and deliver not only the best pizza, but the best Italian food to your table and home. Check out our delicious menu items here.

Customer Service

The only thing more important to us than making the best pizza in Rockledge is ensuring our customers are happy! We always make sure our customers are satisfied whenever the dine in at one of our restaurants or order delivery to enjoy at home. We are friendly and polite, fast and efficient. We know your experience is just as important as how good the food tastes so we always strive to exceed your expectations. You can always call us, contact us through our website or message us on our Facebook page. We are here for you!

Don’t just Take our Word for It

Every Pizzeria on the Space Coast are sure to tell everyone their pizza is the best. Kelsey’s is no different, we really feel we are the best. But don’t just take our word for it, look at our reviews on Facebook. With over 70 reviews and growing we are rated a 4.5 out of 5 stars, showing our customers love us and our food just as much as we love them!